Hello and welcome to my new blog.  I’m a full time photographer working in the south of England.  For my day job I take pictures of people (weddings, fashion, babies – you know the kind of thing.  And if you don’t then this should give you an idea.)  To relax I, erm, take pictures.

I’ve just discovered the new Fuji X range of cameras and find my love for photography has been reignited.  The charming old school X-100, the take anywhere “super zoom” X10 and of course the amazing X-Pro 1.

So this blog is a little about those cameras and the pictures I take with them.  However, I also plan it to be a place to stick anything that won’t fit anywhere else.  The odd gear review (I do presales support for a lighting company so get to play with some fairly exotic toys), items that catch my interest and of course it will be a great place to post rants.

There just isn’t enough ranting in the photography industry right now…

So settle back, make yourself comfortable and take a look around.  But mainly get involved – blogging can be a lonely game (actually psychologists would say that it’s loneliness that makes people blog…) so interact with me, question what I say and if you like it then tell me what you think.

Oh one more thing, actually, Ryan is my last name.  Yes, I get that a lot….

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