X Pro-1 vs X10

This isn’t even close to a scientific comparison.  It’s a quick and dirty side by side with some comments.  But I happened to find myself in the same place a few days apart with two similar but different cameras and I thought it was worth looking at the differences.

Fuji X-10

This is the Fuji X10.  I shot it in RAW, dropped the file into Lightroom with everything on zero and exported with a template to show the Exif.  It’s an “unprocessed” raw and yes, I know these files are never supposed to be seen.  As an edit I’d drop the exposure by a third or so and punchy he contrast somewhat before sharpening.  It’s taken inside Canterbury Cathedral.  As the exif shows it’s pretty dark in there.  ISO 1,600 / 2.8 / 1/15s.  I held the camera pretty steady but also had image stabilisation mode 2 turned on.

And the challenger…

Fuji X-Pro 1

Fuji X-Pro 1.  Note that the exif is wrong here – it’s using a Leica Summarit 50mm and I would guess the aperture to be f4 or so since the light isn’t dramatically different.

Some thoughts:

  1. The X-Pro 1 blows the X10 away.  Sharpness, colour and noise are all way better.  But then it’s a £1,300 camera and £1,000 lens against a £350 compact.
  2. The X-Pro appears to be hand holdable at slowish speeds.  There’s no slap from the mirror and I bet I could go slower if I wanted.  Non IS at 1/10 is pretty nice.
  3. Noise on the X-Pro 1 at 6,400 is significantly lower than noise on the X10 at 1,600.  I have the full res files and trust me it’s not close.
  4. The X10 seems predisposed to expose a little brighter than the X10 (both were on pattern metering and left at 0)
  5. You know what?  For a £350 compact the X10 really isn’t bad in the dark.  Fast lens, image stabilisation and a decent sensor and you can get some nice pictures.  I’d call that good enough for web.

Wish I’d taken the X100 with me.  I’ll try some real pictures with both and see how I like them then.

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