Fuji 60mm macro

This is a bit of an odd one.  I was reading a forum post about the Fuji 60mm macro lens for the X-Pro 1.  There was the usual back and forth that you get in conversations like this “I don’t like the focusing”….”the length isn’t right for me”….”it’s not as sharp as the 35mm”.

Now most of those are true.  Some people don’t like the focusing and some people prefer a longer macro lens (and others a shorter).  That’s kind of how life works.  And saying it’s not as “good” as the 35mm is a little silly.  Very few lenses by any manufacturer are as good as the 35mm.  Not because they are bad – but because the 35mm is so good.

But then I saw this (and I apologise in advance – I can’t remember who said it or where – if you know then tell me in the comments)

It’s one of the worst lenses made by any manufacturer ever.

That’s quite a bold claim and needs a little understanding to place it in context.  It really depends what you mean by “worst”.  The Holga lenses are by many standards pretty awful. They flare, are horribly soft in even the sharp bits and have all kinds of vignetting.  Yet people love them.

The kit lens on my Hasselblad is one of the poorer lenses Hasselblad make – but by most other standards it’s really pretty good (and so it should be for the money…).

People slate some lenses because they don’t like the price.  When the Nikon 28 / 1.8 was announced people were all over it.  Until they heard that a widish prime was going to cost them the best part of £1,000.  Then they were filled with horror that it was “only a 1.8″.

But it was always drummed into me – the best camera is the one you have with you.  So the worst lens must be the one you buy and don’t use.  So I grabbed the 60 and took it out in the garden.  The morning’s sun was pretty harsh so I pointed it right into it to see if I could get horrid flare.  Nope.

How about slow focusing?  Well, it depends how you use it.  Until you are used to the X-Pro 1′s focus system everything seems slow.  But when you get the knack – well the 60 ain’t fast but it’s a macro lens after all.

How about detail?  Seems pretty good to me.  In the lead shot I can zoom in and see details on the bug’s antlers.  Good enough for me.

Nope, 20 minutes in the garden and I have to say this lens doesn’t really suck at all…


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